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ASB Advisor: Erica Rangel
Phone: 748-0245 x5602    EMAIL
For questions, email ASB Club Commissioners at [email protected]

Official Club List 2023-2024 - Click Here!

Clubs and Organizations

Any student may initiate the procedure for starting a new club during the beginning of each trimester during the school year. A PHS staff member must be identified to advise the club. New club petitions are available from the ASB room or via the links below and should be returned to the Club Commissioner. The completed petition must state the name, purpose, and membership requirements of the proposed club and must be signed by at least twenty (20) PHS students who are prospective members. A constitution must be drafted by the proponents and will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Student Review Board. The Student Senate must also approve the club. 

School-sponsored clubs must be either related to the curriculum or must be service organizations. Political, religious, or philosophical clubs and organizations are permitted by the Poway Unified School District and are referred to as non-school-sponsored clubs. These clubs, student-initiated and led, may not have regular attendance by non-school persons and must have a non-participatory custodial advisor. School-sponsored and non-school-sponsored clubs and organizations must abide by all regulations and procedures established by the school's ASB constitution.

Club Guidelines During Virtual Learning

All clubs must still follow the guidelines set forth in the PUSD Club Handbook. All clubs must go through the traditional approval process including completing a club application or club renewal and form. Clubs must continue to keep records of their meetings by taking meeting minutes, attendance, and turning in financial request forms when applicable.  

Meetings and Club Events
As always, a club advisor must be present at all club meetings. This includes all virtual meetings. While participating in club meetings or activities all school rules apply.
Club Meeting minutes example: HERE

Clubs must still complete and submit a fundraising request form and get approval before a fundraiser can occur.


Club Handbook
Club Meeting Minutes Form
Fundraiser/Activity Request Form
Reimbursement Form