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5.5 Period Classes

Trimester 3 5.5 Classes begin on March 11, 2024
Click here for the Trimester 3 5.5 Class Schedule 

5.5 period classes are optional classes for all PHS students. 
Parents/guardians can enroll students in a 5.5 class by the parent/guardian filling out the Google Form for the desired class(es) through the 5.5 Class Schedule and downloading, completing, and submitting the hard copy of the 5.5 Student Contract to the teacher.
5.5 classes appear on a student's transcript.  2.5 elective credits are earned per each class taken in a trimester, and students may take a maximum of two 5.5 period classes per trimester. 
Each class meets for a minimum of two hours each week.  Since credit is being given, attendance is required.  This means that all Poway High School attendance and enrollment policies are in effect regarding:
  • Readmits for absences
  • Off-Campus passes
  • Course withdrawal
20 hours of seat time per trimester are required in order to receive credit for a 5.5 class.  Students are responsible for making arrangements with their teacher to make up all hours from missed class periods.
5.5 Grading
Students will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis.  Grading will be reflected on the student's transcript.
Dropping a 5.5 Class
If a student decides to drop a 5.5 period class without a failing grade, they must see their teacher or counselor, with a written parent note giving permission to drop the class on or before the deadline.  Students listed on the roster after the drop deadline will receive a pass/fail grade for the class.
Withdrawal from a class must be made before the drop deadline.