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Technology and Printing Problems

For Questions about Chromebook policies, click here:
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For Chromebook troubleshooting:
  1. Double check your ID Number and Password are correct
  2. Check your keyboard settings are correct
    1. Look in the bottom right of your screen. Next to the date and time it should say "US"
      Lower bottom corner of Chromebook screen
    2. If it says anything else other than "US" (often it will say "CO"), click it to open the settings
      Settings Menu of the Chromebook
    3. Click where it says "Keyboard"
    4. Make sure that "English (US) is selected by clicking on it 
      Keyboard Settings Menu
  3. Come into the library to have your password reset 
1. Quickly press the Refresh key and the Power key at the same time, 5 times in a row. 

2. If the Chromebook still hasn't come on, plug it in and try again. The charging light should come on once this process is complete. 

3. If Steps 1 and 2 do not work, come into the library for more help
1. Navigate to the bottom right of the screen, and click on the WiFi symbol and make sure you're connected to "PUSD" (NOT "PUSD- Guests" or "PUSD- Onboard")
Chromebook Settings Page
2. If it is not connected, click on the WiFi setting

3. Make sure the settings are as follows;
Wifi Settings- AuthenticationWiFi Settings- Authentication 2Wifi Settings- Do Not Check
4. Enter your Username (Identity) and your MyPlan Password (Password). 
WiFi Settings- Login

5. Hit Connect
1. Click "Forgot your old password?"
Forgot Your Old Password Error

2. Hit "Proceed Anyway"
Forgot Your Old Password? Proceed Anyway
1. Bring your Chromebook into the library
2. If there is liquid damage, a cracked screen, or anything we are not able to diagnose/repair in the library, we will send it to IT for repair. 
3. If there is a cost for repair, the student will be responsible for the fine once we receive the invoice. Please note that it can take up to 3 months to receive an invoice from repairs. 
Come into the library for help!
If we can't help you, we will send the Chromebook to IT for repair