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Off Rolls

Off Roll Permission FormFormulario de permiso para periodos libres

Poway High School is a learning community that believes student connection is a vital component of the high school experience.  Within that context, Poway High provides the opportunity for students to have a reduced schedule by taking an Off Roll. Legislation passed by the State of California requires parent/guardian permission for students to enroll in a course without educational content such as off roll and therefore have a shortened schedule. Students who are off roll the first or last periods of the day may arrive late/leave early or be on campus during their off roll period.  Students who are off roll during the middle of the day must remain on campus unless given permission to leave. Only students who are on track to graduate and have parent/guardian consent may request a period off roll and reduction in their school schedule. 

12th grade students can request two Off Roll periods, which means they will be released for two periods for the relevant periods. Only 12th grade students who are on track to graduate AND meet one of the following criteria may request two periods off roll and reduction in their school schedule. (Link Parent Consent Form for Two Off Rolls here)

  1. Students who are dually or concurrently enrolled in courses at an accredited post-secondary institution (Community College, CSU, UC)
  2. Students whose individualized education program (IEP) establishes a different number of courses.
  3. Students participating in Work Experience, Internship, or a Regional Occupational Center or program.
  4. Students who are enrolled in any other course of study authorized by the Board that is equivalent to the approved high school course of study.

For any questions or information related to Off Roll, please contact your student’s counselor.