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Compulsory attendance laws require that parents send their children to school.  The law further states that a student must attend every scheduled session of every class, even if failure is imminent.  The law applies to all students until they reach 18 years old.  Once a student becomes 18 years old, they become a guest at Poway High and can be withdrawn from school if their academic progress, attendance, or behavior is not acceptable.

24 Hour Attendance Hotline 858-748-7016 

  • Parents/guardians may email us at [email protected] each day your child is absent or tardy.  Please be aware that only your valid PUSD registered email will be accepted to clear any absences or tardies, or you may call the absence hotline at 858-748-7016 and follow the instructions.
  • All absences and tardies must be excused within 24 hours of the absence/tardy or a consequence (i.e. detention)  may be issued.  Once a consequence has been assigned, it will not be dismissed.

24 Hour Off-Campus Pass Line  858-748-0245  x5113

Students may need to leave campus early for a doctor/dentist appointment or other reason.  Only a parent/guardian may authorize an off-campus pass by calling the off-campus pass line at 858-748-0245 x5113 one day prior to the appointment.
  • Parent/Guardian must call to request the pass if the student is leaving early.
  • Notes or emails requesting off-campus passes will NOT be accepted. 24-hour advance notice is advised. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the pass at the Attendance Office before school, or at break or lunch.
  • In the event of an emergency, a parent or guardian may come to the Attendance Office with photo ID to check the student out.
  • If a student leaves campus without a pass, it is considered a truancy and the absence cannot be excused. 

Please note: Listed emergency contacts are for a school emergency only. Emergency contacts listed for your student do not have permission to check a student out unless parent approves or a true emergency.


A parent/guardian needs to call the Attendance Office hotline at 858-748-7016 or email [email protected] (please be aware that only your valid PUSD registered email will be accepted to clear any absences or tardies)  before 11:00 a.m. EACH DAY that their student is absent.  If a student is issued a detention for an unexcused absence and it is later cleared, the detention will not be dismissed.  If a student has a medical appointment, a doctor’s note is requested when he/she returns to school. 
All Senior students’ attendance records must be cleared or they will not be able to participate in Senior activities.


A student who has 12 excused (partial and full) absences is considered excessively absent (this includes tardies in excess of 30 minutes). A student who has three unexcused absences is considered truant.  For excessive excused absences or truancies, students are referred to a SART (School Attendance Review Team).


If a student arrives within 30 minutes of the beginning of the school day, he/she should report directly to class. Students arriving during break or lunch must check in with the Attendance office before going to the next class.

Within the first 30 minutes: Students arriving less than 30 minutes late should go directly to class.  If the student has a doctor's note excusing the tardy, it should be submitted to the Attendance Office at break or lunch. 

After the first 30 minutes – ALWAYS CHECK IN WITH ATTENDANCE: Students arriving after the first 30 minutes are to report to the Attendance Office for a readmit.


Students may need to leave campus occasionally for a doctor or dentist appointment during school hours.  Only a parent/guardian may authorize this by calling the off-campus pass line at 858-748-0245  x5113 one day prior to the appointment.  Notes are not accepted.  Students need to pick up their off-campus pass at the Attendance Office windows before school, at break, or at lunch. In the event of an emergency, a parent or guardian may come to the Attendance Office with photo ID to check the student out. Please allow sufficient time for campus supervisors to locate the student and bring him/her to the Attendance Office.  If a student leaves campus without a pass, it is considered a truancy.  A detention will be issued and the absence cannot be excused. 


What is Off-Roll?
Students who have an off-roll on their schedule are not assigned to a class during that period.  A student who has an off-roll class must have the corresponding off-roll sticker (this can be obtained at no cost in the main office) on their student ID and carry that ID with them at all times.
1st and 5th Period Off-Roll:  Students who have 1st period off-roll may arrive at school for the start of 2nd period, or they may arrive during 1st period and utilize the library or study at one of our picnic tables.
Students who have 5th period off-roll may leave campus for the day at the end of 4th period.
A mid-day off-roll does not allow a student the ability to leave campus during that part of the day.

2nd Period Off-Roll:  Students who have an off-roll during 2nd period may access the library or any of our sitting areas in our quads or covered lunch areas.  Students who have 2nd period off-roll CANNOT leave campus during this period without a parent checking them out of school through our attendance office.
3rd or 4th Period Off-Roll:  Students who have an off-roll during 3rd or 4th periods may also access the library or any of our sitting areas in our quads or covered lunch area.  However, students who have 3rd or 4th period off-roll AND have an off-campus lunch pass may leave campus for lunch, in addition to their off-roll period.  Students who do not have an off-campus lunch pass in addition to a 3rd or 4th period off-roll sticker may not leave campus.
Safety Expectations for Off-Roll Students
If an emergency is to occur while an off-roll student is on campus, that student may report to the nearest classroom, library, counseling center or front office.
If Poway High evacuates due to an emergency, off-roll students who are on campus should evacuate to the football field and check in at the Command Center located at the 50 yard line on the home side of the stadium for more directions.



If a student becomes ill during school hours, they are to go directly to the Health Office where parents are contacted and they will be checked out if medically necessary. 


If a student has been issued a lunch pass through the Discipline Office, he/she may leave campus ONLY during lunch.  Passes are valid only during the scheduled lunch period; therefore, if a student leaves campus on a lunch pass and does not return for afternoon classes, a parent must call the SAME DAY to excuse those classes. If a call is not received the same day, the absence is considered a truancy and cannot be excused. Passes can be revoked for disciplinary, attendance or academic reasons.

SART (Student Attendance Review Team)

Students who are absent for three days or tardy for more than a thirty-minute period on three occasions will receive a truancy letter. If the truancy continues a second and third letter will go home to the parents and the Student Attendance and Welfare Coordinator. This also applies to excessive excused students.  Students with truancies or excessive excused absences will be referred to a Student Attendance Review Team. This team is comprised of Poway Unified School District personnel and works with the student and parents to eliminate attendance problems and issues appropriate disciplinary measures.

SARB (Student Attendance Review Board)

California Education Code obligates parents or guardians to comply with the attendance of students at school. Parents or guardians who fail to meet this obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to legal action pursuant to Article 6 of Chapter II of Part 27 of The Education Code.  They will be referred to the district attorney.