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Mindful Moment

During the 2018-19 school-wide Thoughtexchange survey, people offered many ideas on how to best support our students. One of the concerns raised was our students’ ongoing social-emotional learning and mental health wellness. Many of you pointed out the need to help students reduce their stress and anxiety, and to help students deal with academic and social pressures. One way we are doing this is by implementing a “Mindful Moment” each day at all PUSD schools, starting this school year.
The purpose of a “Mindful Moment” is to provide an opportunity for students to calm themselves and have a quiet moment to prepare for learning. Teachers will not tell students what to think about or reflect upon during this time, but merely provide 60 seconds of quiet time before instruction begins. Our current culture is filled with stimuli and input for the mind, from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. A “Mindful Moment” allows our students a chance to pause and reflect upon the day ahead.
We are asking for your help in discussing the “Mindful Moment” with your children at home, as well as possible topics or thoughts for them to focus on. Educators are not always aware of the struggles children face at home or in their personal lives. Research has shown that by participating in a quiet moment each day, students feel less anxious, less stressed, calmer, and more able to focus. This, in turn, improves learning as well as behavior at home and school.