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Staff Directory

Poway High School
Phone: (858) 748-0245   Fax: (858) 679-6879
Attendance 24 Hour Hotline:  (858) 748-7016
Name Title
(858) 748-0245
Abtahi, Satin Teacher-English 5242 [email protected]
Alvarado, Prescilla Teacher-Special Ed 5270 [email protected]
Alvarez Valdes, Ana
5312 [email protected]
Ambort, Breezy Teacher-Social Science 5804 [email protected]
Antinone, Jennifer School Admin Specialist 1  5105 [email protected]
Aquino, Madison Teacher-Math 5704 [email protected]
Arreguin, Blanca Counselor (McH-Rue) 5136 [email protected]
Banh, Rachel Teacher-Science 5206 [email protected]
Barath, Jessica Teacher-Special Ed 5263 [email protected]
Barnett, Daniel Resource Specialist 5361 [email protected]
Bejarano, Brandon Teacher-Special Ed 5153 [email protected]
Betts, Lindsey Teacher-English 5367 [email protected]
Bielik, David Teacher-Special Ed 5270 [email protected]
Boele, Robert Teacher-Math 5406 [email protected]
Bourget, Michelle Registrar/Records 5130 [email protected]
Brewer, Marla Teacher-Science 5211 [email protected]
Bringman, Elliott Teacher-German 5347 [email protected]
Brown, Jaime Guidance Tech 5135 [email protected]
Burian, Phil Teacher-Special Ed 5365 [email protected]
Burks, Gannon Assistant Principal (A-F) 5104 [email protected]
Cabral, Abraham Teacher-Social Science 5702 [email protected]
Califano, Peter Teacher-English 5254 [email protected]
Carrasco, Jessica Counseling Assistant 5137 [email protected]
Casey-O'Brien, Lisa Teacher-Science 5352 [email protected]
Castillo Appel, Cristina Parent Liaison - Bilingual 5145 [email protected]
Chen, Annie Speech Pathologist 5012 [email protected]
Chrispeels, Arno Teacher-Science 5236 [email protected]
Cohen, Rykendrick Behavior Interventionist 5153 [email protected]
Coleman, Paul Teacher-Science 5351 [email protected]
Colyer, Susanne Teacher-Science 5235 [email protected]
Cook, Mike Teacher-Music 5255 [email protected]
Cortez, Dean Teacher-Spanish 5258 [email protected]
Cousin, Joseph Teacher-Auto 5500 [email protected]
Cypher, Pete Custodian 5178 [email protected]
Davies, Christina Teacher-Special Ed 5369 [email protected]
Dohm, Rodger Teacher-Art 5307 [email protected]
Dooley, McKenna ERMHS Therapist 5163 [email protected]
Dugo, Milena Teacher-French 5205 [email protected]
Fisher, Scott Teacher-Math 5411 [email protected]
Fraser, Sandy Receptionist 5000 [email protected]
Garceau (Page), Julia Teacher-Agriculture/Floral 5238 [email protected]
Goepfert, Pam Admin Assistant to Principal Nash 5100 [email protected]
Gizzo, Michael Assistant Principal (N-Z) 5109 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Damian Athletic Director 5112 [email protected]
Gore, Lisa Librarian 5461 [email protected]
Groff, Pam Resource Specialist 5316 [email protected]
Guillaume, Bennett Teacher-Math/Computer Science 5165 [email protected]
Gutierrez, Denise Teacher -PE 5160 [email protected]
Hall, Lauren Teacher-Math 5366 [email protected]
Haneline, Annalise Teacher-Special Ed 5154 [email protected]
Hasselberg, Anna Teacher-Science 5208 s[email protected]
Hechtbauer, Pamela Mental Health Therapist/Mending Matters 5393 [email protected]
Hensey, Heidi Teacher-Art 5301 [email protected]
Herbicek, Richard Food and Nutrition Supervisor II 5176 [email protected]
Hernandez, CJ Athletic Trainer 5131 [email protected]
Hetherington, Anna Teacher-Social Science 5703 [email protected]
Hofmaister, Kelly Teacher-Spanish 5330 [email protected]
Holden, Vanessa Attendance Assistant 5117 [email protected]
Hughes, Jodie Student Data Tech 5119 [email protected]
Ibrahim, Tanya Counselor (Hod-McG) 5128 [email protected]
Inigo, Michelle Teacher-Special Ed 5403 [email protected]
Islas, Joe Teacher-Math 5402 [email protected]
Jackson, Charles Teacher-Math 5404 [email protected]
Jackson, Kurt Teacher-Social Science 5801 [email protected]
Jaffe, Aaron Teacher-Photo 5304 [email protected]
Jones-Fletcher, Carissa Teacher-PE 5160 [email protected]
Kaechele, Robert Teacher-Art 5305 [email protected]
Kanouse, Monique Assistant Principal (G-M) 5106 [email protected]
Karp, Mindy Resource Specialist 5603 [email protected]
Kawasaki-Williams, Karen Teacher-Social Science 5901 [email protected]
Kircher, Corinne Speech Pathologist 5126 [email protected]
Kirkman, Kristine Accounting Technician 5107 [email protected]
Klubberud, Jens Teacher-Science 5234 [email protected]
Koch, Rosalinda Student Services Specialist 5394 [email protected]
Lapp, Noah Teacher-Social Science 5604 [email protected]
Lee, Jessica Teacher-Special Ed 5153 [email protected]
Lee, Joan Psychologist 5132 [email protected]
Lewis, Curtis Teacher-Social Science 5313 [email protected]
Lewis, Kathleen Library Media Tech 5465 [email protected]
Libby, TeriAnne Teacher-English 5228 [email protected]
Lockie, Sherry Teacher-English 5701 [email protected]
Lord, Lianne Teacher-Special Ed 5216 [email protected]
Lucatero, Aksana Psychologist 5480 [email protected]
Manly, Tony Teacher-Science 5350 [email protected]
Mark, Bryan Teacher-PE 5161 [email protected]
Martinez, Yazmin Athletic Assistant 5102 [email protected]
McBride, Kyle Teacher-Special Ed 5409  
McHenry, Ryan Teacher-Special Ed 5355 [email protected]
McKee, Jordan Teacher-Social Science 5410 [email protected]
McKnight, Kaitie Teacher-English 5241 [email protected]
McMillan, Kathryn Teacher-English 5252 [email protected]
Mejia, Sarah Teacher-Math 5904 [email protected]
Mendez, Jacqueline Teacher-English 5257 [email protected]
Mendoza, Alejandra Teacher-Math 5401 [email protected]
Meyers, John Resource Specialist 5232 [email protected]
Minter, Rachel Teacher-English 5348 [email protected]
Moore, Terry Teacher-Math 5354 [email protected]
Mueller, Laura ERMHS Therapist 5173 [email protected]
Nash, Richard Principal 5100 [email protected]
Nguyen, Mina Teacher-Special Ed 5152 [email protected]
Oulela, Dee Attendance Tech 5114 [email protected]
Padua Reyes, Jerilyn Counselor (Ruf-Z) 5123 [email protected]
Parr, Todd Teacher-Art 5302 [email protected]
Parry, Robert Teacher-PE 5161 [email protected]
Peitz, Richard Teacher-Special Ed 5116 [email protected]
Phillips, Ashley Occupational Therapist 5173 [email protected]
Pillsbury, Patrick Teacher-Social Science 5310 [email protected]
Pratt, Emily Teacher-Social Science 5356 [email protected]
Proffitt, Jennifer Teacher-English 5902 [email protected]
Rangel, Erica Teacher-English/ASB 5602 [email protected]
Rehn, Seth Teacher-PE 5161 s[email protected]
Reschan, Sarah Teacher-English 5311 [email protected]
Rewa, Amy Teacher-Spanish 5331 [email protected]
Scappaticci, Ethel Teacher-Spanish 5204 [email protected]
Schemmel, Jessica Teacher-Music 5155 [email protected]
Seavey, Emily  Teacher-English 5250 [email protected]
Sebastian, Susan Teacher-Math 5407 [email protected]
Smith, Jerrah Counselor (Dah-Hoc) 5127 [email protected]
Spisak, Michael Teacher-Special Education 5232 [email protected]
Studley, Erin Teacher-Health 5203 [email protected]
Surarujiroj, Patibhaninee (BB) School Admin Specialist I 5108 [email protected]
Svatos, Katie  Teacher-Special Education 5802 [email protected]
Tallon, Gene Teacher-Construction Tech 5438 [email protected]
Taylor, Monica Counselor-CTE/Intervention 5133 [email protected]
Thompson, Melissa Teacher-Special Ed 5409 [email protected]
Tormey, Bailey Teacher-Math 5408 [email protected]
Tovar, Julianna Teacher-Spanish 5903 [email protected]
Treminio, Dr. Juan Program Specialist-Special Ed 5163 [email protected]
Urmeneta, Fernanda School Admin Specialist I 5111 [email protected]
Van Pelt, Sharla Teacher-Science 5207 [email protected]
Waasted, Jacob Teacher-Social Science 5601 [email protected]
Wardwell, Karly Counselor (A-Dag) 5124 [email protected]
Wezelman, Sharon Teacher-Drama 5204 [email protected]
White, David Teacher-Social Science 5803 [email protected]
Williams, Brett Health Technician 5148 [email protected]
Williams, Kimberly Teacher-Special Ed 5365 [email protected]
Williams, Kyle Teacher-English 5251 [email protected]
Woodward, Andrea Teacher-English 5244 [email protected]
Yorba, Lilian Food and Nutrition Supervisor 5176 [email protected]
Zeis, Kyle Teacher-Math 5412 [email protected]
Zikeli, Michelle Teacher-Math 5405 [email protected]