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Voter Registration

Voter Registration Contact: Principal Richard Nash
Phone: 858-748-0245, [email protected]

Student Voter Registration Act of 2003

The Student Voter Registration Act of 2003
(Elections Code sections 2145-2148) was implemented to ensure every school in California does all in its power to provide a meaningful opportunity to eligible high school students to register to vote. Voter registration cards will be available in the school office shortly for 16, 17, or 18-year-olds. Remember, California now allows 16- and 17-year olds to pre-register to vote. Their registrations will automatically become active once they turn 18. 
As an alternative to filling out a card, you may visit:


Board Policy 1000 BP-1400
The Superintendent or designee shall designate a contact person at each high school for the Secretary of State to contact in order to facilitate the distribution of voter registration forms to eligible students. The Superintendent or designee shall provide the address, phone number, and email address of each contact person to the Secretary of State. (Elections Code 2148) 
To encourage students to participate in the elections process when they are eligible, the Superintendent or designee shall determine the most effective means of distributing the voter registration forms provided by the Secretary of State including, but not limited to, distributing the forms at the start of the school year, with orientation materials, at central locations, and/or with graduation materials.
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