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Outside Course Information


Poway High School students may pursue courses outside of PUSD that fit their goals, learning style, schedule, budget, locations, etc. Parents and students take full responsibility to verify that course(s) meet 4-year college admissions, UC/CSU A-G requirements, NCAA/NAIA athletic eligibility requirements, and financial aid/grant eligibility requirements. If the student wishes to take a course for PUSD high school credit, please contact your student’s counselor to start the process. The approval process and forms (additional form for outside language schools is required, see registrar) must be completed PRIOR to the start of the course (NOTE: not all outside courses are approved for PUSD credit).

Approved Palomar Courses for PUSD Credit (if you are looking for a course that is not on this list, please contact your student’s counselor).

INCOMING 9TH GRADE STUDENTS: Please note that students are not permitted to transfer classes/credits to their high school transcript that are earned prior to the start of 9th grade.


Current Poway High School students must complete the following steps PRIOR to the start of an outside course:

  1. Complete the PHS Outside Course Permission Form and submit it to their counselor.

Note: Please be sure to indicate on the form whether or not the student wishes to have the course(s) applied to their high school transcript.

  1. Once the form is signed by the student, parent and counselor, the form is then delivered to the school registrar.
  2. During summer break only, send PHS Outside Course Permission Form directly to the registrar PRIOR to the start of a summer



  • Students may apply a maximum of forty (40) credits from outside courses toward their high school graduation requirements. The forty (40) credit maximum may consist of a maximum of twenty (20) credits for outside high school courses.

Examples of credit breakdown:

  • 20 credits from outside high school courses + 20 credits from outside college courses; or
  • 10 credits from outside high school courses + 30 credits from outside college courses; or
  • 40 credits from outside college courses
  • All paperwork regarding outside PUSD courses must be completed and returned to PHS prior to the start of the course.
  • If taking the course(s) for high school credit, it is the student’s responsibility to have an official transcript sent to PHS:

Poway High School

ATTN: Registrar

15500 Espola Road

Poway, CA 92064


  • Courses taken off-campus for remediation do not replace previously earned grades within PUSD. Both grades are factored into cumulative
  • If taking community college courses (available to rising juniors and seniors only), keep in mind that:
  • 2 college semester units equal 2.5 high school credits
  • 3 college semester units equal 5 high school credits
  • 4 college semester units equal 5 high school credits *
  • 5 college semester units equal 10 high school credits

* Through petition, students may request to receive 10 credits for college courses earning 4 semester units. Petitions require parent/guardian permission and will be made through the school site

counseling office. Petitions are subject to principal approval. Approval will be based on the student’s post-secondary plans to ensure that the course meets post-secondary entrance requirements.